The Complete Breath

"The Complete Breath" is a piece for solo clarinet with electronics. It explores multiphonics based on similar pitch material and is written without a grid dictating precisely when what should be played.

Diepvriespizza, cola,

"Diepvriespizza, cola," is a piece for alto flute, electric guitar, viola and double bass and live electronics. It is part of "Diepvriespizza, cola, brie en crackers" in which "brie en crackers" is a piece for solo double bass and electronics.

La Reine

"La Reine" is an album written with Vadim Bakker for Silke Gerincxk's masters degree performance at the KASK Ghent.


"transmute" is a musique concrète piece made from a nine second sample of trams in Ghent. The samples are spliced, EQ'd and shifted around in time.

Daan Vanreybrouck · transmute


"Mooooo" is a piece for eight cowbells, live electronics and fixed media. It is played by Isabelle Mortelmans for a composition concert at the KASK & Conservatory in Ghent.

Daan Vanreybrouck · Mooooo


"adumbrate" is a miniature for a ten player ensemble consisting of clarinet, two bass clarinets, soprano saxophone, two alto saxophones, two tenor saxophones, baritone saxophone and contrabassoon.

Daan Vanreybrouck · adumbrate


"inimical" is a short, minimal piece for harp and piano.

Daan Vanreybrouck · inimical

No Fear

"No Fear" is an EP made with Vadim Bakker that contains music written for a children's game.

Hier moet ik nog even over denken

"Hier moet ik nog even over denken" is a miniature for clarinet trio. The piece is approached with a harmony built up from second and fourth intervals.